Robert Roemisch                                                      Classical Woodworks


         Robert is a true modern day renaissance man. His artwork stems from his love of diversity, nature and life. His art is supported by the technical expertise he has spent a lifetime developing.
        Robert grew up on a 500 acre farm in Ohio where he established a love for the outdoors and a firm foundation for his work. He started his professional career in the construction industry in 1985 and started his own company (Classical Woodworks) in 2000.
        Always having a love to create, naturally led him into making art, although all of his work is truly artistic.
        Whether building custom cabinets, a one of a kind piece of furniture, stringed instruments, painting or creating unique pieces of sculpture, Robert puts his heart and soul into each project.
His true passion lies in the creative process.
                "I like to think way outside of box. I never like to do the same thing twice, so I let every project speak to me in an individual way."
        Thank you for visiting.

        For more information or to talk with Robert directly please see the contact page.
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